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Steven Bohn's Eagle Project
Workday 1,  May 31, 2004
"A place to call home."
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Stripping the Sod
A BobCat (tm) was used to distribute the heavy base stones.
Overview looking down towards the pavilion area.
The path, as it enters the South Gate.
The base stone has been laid along the paths.  This is where the three paths join.
The path from the parking lot, as it curves towards the junction.
Steven's project created a hard and dry path for people to make their
way from the back door of the church (on the lower level) to the
picnic pavilion area - where the Church most recently held its
Fry and Crawfish Boil.   Another path starts at the sidewalk on the
South side of the church and connects with the main path (see the
pictures on the second row, above).  This side path allows people to
walk directly from the south parking lot to the pavilion area.  It also
allows those in wheelchairs direct access to the pavilion.
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